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The 45th Annual Peggy Burton′s South Jackson Goes Country Auditions

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Audition Dates:

Location – London Hall at South Jackson Performing Arts Center

Sunday – June 2nd from 2pm-5pm

Monday – June 3rd from 6pm-9pm

*NOTE: Virtual Auditions will be accepted to SouthJacksonGoesCountry@gmail.com through EOD-Monday, June 3rd, 2024.


CLICK HERE to Signup for an In-Person Audition Timeslot

*Pre-scheduled Audition Timeslots will be given preference on the date of audition.

However, Walk-ins are welcome and will be included in the audition segments by order of arrival as availability arises.

How to Prepare:


1. Please bring a headshot or come prepared for a headshot to be taken onsite during your audition process.

2. Please arrive prepared to perform 1-2 Country Songs that you’d like to perform in the show.

***One of the 2 songs MUST be up tempo.

NOTE: We cast songs in this Country Variety Show based on what you audition with.

If you are a dancer, please come prepared with 1-2 routines to a Country Song for us to consider.

If you are a singer, please come prepared with 1-2 songs for us to consider.

If you are a comedian, please come prepared with a 1-minute skit to show us the type of acting routine you’d like us to consider.

(For more details on the sections of our show that we will be casting for, please see below.)

3. This will be an acoustic audition (no mics!). If you are planning to play an instrument in the show, please bring it to audition with.

(NOTE: A piano will be available).

If you are planning to sing with a track during auditions, a cd player will be available along with a Bluetooth speaker.



Sections of our Show that we are Casting for at our 2024 Auditions:

Warmup Show:

This is the pre-show that gets our audience ready for a production of fun and laughter. Performers in this show generally perform to a karaoke track or play their own instruments for accompaniment. (This portion includes comedy, singing, dancing, etc.)

Main Show (Acts 1 & 2):

This is the portion of our show where our singers perform with a live band. (This portion includes commercials, comedy, singing, dancing, etc.)


These are live 1-minute comedy skits that we sell to local sponsors and then perform as live commercials during each Main Show (Acts 1 & 2).

Songwriters’ Segment:

This is where we showcase local songwriters in a songwriters’ round during Act 2 of the Main Show.

Opry Segment:

This is where we showcase singers performing as classic country stars in Act 1 of the Main Show.

Can’t make it to our in-person Country Auditions? You can still be cast in the show!

Please send us a video audition link (dropbox link suggested) to SouthJacksonGoesCountry@gmail.com.

***Be sure to fill out an electronic audition form as well at https://bit.ly/2024PBSJGCAuditionForm

or simply scan the QR Code Below:


Audition Form QR Code - PBs SJGC 2024