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Theater Enrichment Arts

Curriculum for Homeschoolers


The mission of the Theater Enrichment Arts Curriculum for Homeschoolers (TEACH) is to inspire children to dream, explore, think, and connect through imaginative storytelling onstage and in classroom workshops. We strive to focus on a child’s well-rounded education, both emotionally and academically.

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Providing Growth for ALL


Kinesthetic Learning

    Kinesthetic learners engage their bodies through dance

Linguistic Learning

Linguistic learners dive into the written and spoken word

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Spatial Learning

Spatial learners tackle set and costume design

Musical learners revel in the show’s score

Musical Learning

Education through the Arts



Producing a show brings the arts together and provides growth opportunities for all varieties of learners.                                                                                                                        A musical production provides a rich and engaging springboard for students to explore many subjects and discover connections among various modes of learning. 

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We will have show-related activities in language arts, music, visual arts, speaking. 


Life Skills

Our students gain valuable life skills through their participation in every TEACH production.

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